“Los Angeles November 2019” (EP)

Ming & Ping’s 3-song EP Los Angeles November 2019 is designed to be listened to continuously, taking listeners on a journey of death, birth, life, and death again. Written as a tribute to the retro-future themes of Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner, the release explores topics such as humanity, identity, and reality.

Pay what you want for this record. OR download it free now and if you like the music, come back later and pitch in some dough. Anything you pay over $3 will be considered a generous donation, as it takes 80 to 120 work hours to complete each song. This doesn’t account for the cost of equipment, studio time, or the various costs of producing the album art. Thanks for supporting independent artists.

Digital download in MP3, lossless FLAC, or uncompressed WAV formats. Includes 6-page digital booklet and high-resolution album art.

Also available on all major digital download and streaming services:

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Los Angeles November 2019

Ming & Ping

Track List

  1. Heaven’s Light
  2. Ride or Die
  3. The End

© Bao Vo Creative, Inc. 2019


Written and performed by Ming & Ping
Produced and engineered by Bao Vo
Additional production on “The End” by Taylor Shechet
Photography by Elissa R. Photography
Hair and makeup by Jill Clark
Wardrobe by Ming & Ping
Special thanks to: Mom Vo, Elissa Rinehart, Taylor Shechet, Khoa Vu, Jamie Locks and Lindsay Dimitri, David Pelletier, Yoon Song, The Ming & Ping Dynasty (Donna Thasdao Pungprechawat, Helen Bui Thompson, Jamie Locks, Ryan Vasquez), and BAO’s Beautiful Boy Band (Timm Shingler, Rogie Lucero, Jesse McInturff, Evaldo Garcia).


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